Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Cargo Centre

Why we are the best

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Our Farming Model

The emphasis is on restriction of fertilizer usage and we ensure that we use organically accepted manures to grow our products for health living.

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Sorting & Grading

After products reach maturity,the crops are harvested by hand picking, sorted and graded as per our international guidelines.Cleanliness is highly observed making sure that our clients get the best.

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Packing & Exporting

Is everything now done?If yes, the assorted products are packed,customs procedures are finalized and now , we send the products to our Customers world wide using air transport to ensure freshness.

Our Products

The well drained nutritious soils on the slopes of Mt.Kenya provides us with the optimal climatic condition to organically grow the best varieties of basil for the export market   Order Now

We specialize in growing both types of chives and once you get a hold onto these fresh Kenyan chives that we provide, you can start getting creative in the kitchen. Owing to its position on the equator, Kenya has the perfect conditions for growing chives   Order Now

It’s a perennial herb with many branches with pink flowers loves well drained with soils with a slightly alkaline ph and 6-8hrs sunlight exposure makes Kenya ideal for producing the best thyme for the export market.   Order Now

Kenyan regions like Imenti,Kikambala,Murang'a provide the basic growth conditions inclusive of loamy soil with an alkaline PH of 6 to 7 and warm weather with at least eight hours of daily sunlight making Kenya the best producers of organic Rosemary.   Order Now

The acidic pH between 6-7,moist and well-drained soils of the slopes of the Aberdare ranges provide the optimal conditions for growing the following varieties of mint:Apple mint,Pineapple Mint,Corsic Peppermint and Spearmint   Order Now

We are the expirienced growers and exporters of this temperate or subtropical plant .The dry and rocky conditions of the eastern part of Kenya and the rich, light loam soils with a pH range between 4.9–8.7. of the rift valley provides us with the best organically grown Marjoram for the export market.   Order Now

Grown in the hot climatic areas of Coastal and Eastern part of Kenya provides our mangoes the best climatic conditions for increasing their sucrose content.This makes our mangoes best for the export market.our varieties include Kent,Apple,Ngowe and Tommy mangoes.   Order Now

Whether its Hass,Fuerte,Nabal or Puebla Renny exporters got you covered.With the great soils and climatic conditons of the eastern,western and central regions of Kenya,we provide the best quality of varieties for the export market.   Order Now

We are the expirienced exporters of this perrenial fruit.Our main varieties are purple passion and yellow passion.The deep well drained soils with a PH range of 6.0-7.0. and a temperature range of between 18-28 degrees in the Central and Westen parts of Kenya makes us the go to provides of this fruit for the export market.   Order Now