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Due to escalating demand in local and international markets we grow and produce this herb that is used to make soup and pickling to meet the global demand.Kenya being in the equator it recieves adequate sunlight making it the optimum place to organically grow this herb.   Order Now

Due to its popularity for its aromatic leaves, which are used fresh or dry as a culinary herb,sage global demand is always on demand for the glabal market.We at Renny Exporters take advantage of the good Kenyan climate to organically grow this herb to meet this global market demand.   Order Now

Kenyan tarragon is among the best herbs, grown in the rich loamy volcanic soils of the Kenyan highlands. Its quality is very high as it receives consistent and fresh supply of clean water from the streams of Mount Kenya making it the best in the globe.Our varieties include French and Russian Tarragon   Order Now

With its many uses such us cooking and medicinal purposes, ranging from treating infections to repelling insects,Oregano global demand is on the increase.We at Renny Exporters produce the best variety to meet this demand taking advantage of the good Kenyan climatic coditions and soils to meet produce the quality.   Order Now

Kenya sugar snaps are grown on the slopes of Mt Kenya, which provide ideal conditions growth conditions.Because the temperature varies with altitude, these peas are located on mountain slopes at the ideal temperature.The optimal climatic conditions help Kenya sugar snaps to thrive, making Kenya an ideal choice for importers of quality sugar snaps.   Order Now

The Kenyan Highlands of Nyandarua and Transnzoia provide the optimal soils and climatic conditions for growing the best variety of sugar snap.We at Renny exporters take only the best of this crop from our farms and package them for the export market   Order Now

The crop is grown in almost all regions in Kenya. However, Eastern, Nyanza, Central, Western and Rift valley are the major bean growing provinces.This regions provide the optimal climatic conditions for growing this crop.Our varieties include Rose Coco,Mwitemania,Wairimu,Mwezi Moja and Canadian W.We pick the best from our farm to meet the export demand.   Order Now